WATCH: Storytelling in Licensing panel discussion

SBC’s Sophie Bloomfield, Moonbug Entertainment’s Dominic Sander, iLLUMiARTi’s Marisa Morgan and Simon’s Cat’s Emily Osborne discuss the power of licensing to tell a brand’s story.

How can licensing help brands tell their stories? Do these collaborations also enable licensees to tell their own design stories in interesting ways? And how useful is it for the original creators of IP to get involved in the licensing process?

We caught up with Sophie Bloomfield (Creative Dirctor & CEO at SBC), Dominic Sander (Hardlines Product Development Manager at Moonbug Entertainment), Marisa Morgan (Creative Director at iLLUMiARTi) and Emily Osborne (Production Manager at Simon’s Cat) to find out their thoughts.

You can watch the discussion in full below:

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