Our top ten most read articles of 2021

Interviews with Disneyland’s Matt Conover, BBC Studios’ Vanessa Hamilton and Skew’s Oliver Dyer all made our top ten this year.

With 2021 coming to a close, we’re taking a look back over this past year at our top stories and interviews.

So, here we have our most read articles of 2021.

Have a brilliant Christmas, a great New Year and we’ll see you in 2022!

1. INTERVIEW: Matt Conover – Vice President of Disney Live Entertainment at Disneyland – on innovation, storytelling and collaboration (Read here: https://brandsuntapped.com/matt-conover-vice-president-of-disney-live-entertainment-at-disneyland-on-the-shows-that-shaped-his-approach-to-bringing-brands-to-life/)

2. INTERVIEW: THG’s Jared Hawkmoon on designing apparel for new Disney+ show Loki (Read here: https://brandsuntapped.com/thgs-jared-hawkmoon-on-the-designing-apparel-for-new-disney-show-loki/)

3. INTERVIEW: BBC Studios’ Vanessa Hamilton on the near-limitless opportunities to extend the Doctor Who brand (Read here: https://brandsuntapped.com/bbc-studios-vanessa-hamilton-on-the-near-limitless-opportunities-to-extend-the-doctor-who-brand/)

4. INTERVIEW: WildBrain’s Tanya Mann on supporting Pride Month with Teletubbies’ first ever adult fashion collection (Read here: https://brandsuntapped.com/wildbrains-tanya-mann-on-supporting-pride-month-with-teletubbies-first-ever-adult-fashion-collection/)

5. INTERVIEW: Skew’s Oliver Dyer on why the licensing industry’s biggest problem is its name (Read here: https://brandsuntapped.com/skews-oliver-dyer-on-why-the-licensing-industrys-biggest-problem-is-its-name/)

6. INTERVIEW: Creator of the Raccoons, Kevin Gillis, on licensing and rebooting the cartoon favourite (Read here: https://brandsuntapped.com/creator-of-the-raccoons-kevin-gillis-on-licensing-and-rebooting-the-cartoon-favourite/)

7. TALKING BRANDS: Pantone, Harry Potter and Corona have all launched dedicated physical stores… Which brand should be next? (Read here: https://brandsuntapped.com/talking-brands-pantone-harry-potter-and-corona-have-all-launched-dedicated-physical-stores-which-brand-should-be-next/)

8. INTERVIEW: Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Gurus Colleen Rossell and Haylee Nelson on bringing brands like Netflix into ice cream (Read here: https://brandsuntapped.com/ben-jerrys-flavour-gurus-colleen-rossell-and-haylee-nelson-on-creating-ice-cream-inspired-by-brands-like-netflix-and-the-tonight-show-with-jimmy-fallon/)

9. INTERVIEW: As Peanuts turns 71, Executive Vice President of Brand, Tim Erickson, discusses how he plans to keep the brand fresh (Read here: https://brandsuntapped.com/as-peanuts-turns-71-executive-vice-president-of-brand-tim-erickson-discusses-how-he-plans-to-keep-the-brand-fresh/)

10. INTERVIEW: Mattel Consumer Products’ Helen Genia on her design-led ‘product is king’ approach to brand licensing (Read here: https://brandsuntapped.com/mattel-consumer-products-helen-genia-on-her-design-led-product-is-king-approach-to-brand-licensing/)

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