Designer Luca Borsa on bringing fast thrills to MotoGP: The Board Game, co-created with Luca Bellini

Luca Borsa talks us through the unlikely origins of Clementoni’s MotoGP game.

Jeff Parker and Chad Wang discuss how BBC Studios brought Inside No. 9 to the stage… In China!

Inside Inside No. 9 – the stage show! With Jeff Parker and Chad Wang from BBC Studios…

All3Media International’s Jason Easy on bringing The Traitors into games, apparel, experiences and more

Jason Easy, VP of Licensing at All3Media International, talks us through the company’s slate of IP – and reveals why 2025 is shaping up to be “The Year of the Traitor”.

Kids’ TV writer Stephanie Wahlstrom discusses brand shows – and bland shows!

“Specificity is the key to universality…” Stephanie Wahlstrom on writing licensed TV shows for kids.

“Consumers’ mindsets are changing”: The Giftware Association’s Chris Workman on how the sector is evolving

Chris Workman – PR and Marketing Manager at The Giftware Association – on sustainability, design and the Gift of the Year awards.

Going gangbusters for Ghostbusters: Jean Théberge on the fast production of Wrebbit’s new 3D puzzle

Want great Ghostbusters product? Who ya gonna call?! Jean Théberge on the Firehouse 3D puzzle

Skew’s Oliver Dyer on giving creatives a voice through the ‘Not Just Colouring In’ survey

“It was born from conversations with people across the industry in creative roles – and a sense of frustration!”: Skew’s Oliver Dyer on what to expect from his creative study.

Freelance graphic designer Henry Gray on creating licensed coins for The Royal Mint

“A coin is a canvas that goes in your pocket!” Henry Gray on the what and the why of The Who…

From Funko Fusion to Chaplin Pop: Lucy Salisbury, Director of Licensing, Funko EMEA, on what’s new

How Netflix, nostalgia and numbers affect Funko: the world’s biggest proprietor of licensing.

Creative adviser Heidi Lightfoot on designing style guides – and the trouble with trends

From The Gruffalo to Edith Holden, Heidi – from Heidi Lightfoot & Co – discusses her work on publishing brands.

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