Lovehoney’s Bonny Hall on the firm’s Fifty Shades collection – and why more brands should do sex toy collabs

Bonny Hall – Global Product Director at Lovehoney – talks us through the design process behind the new collection, which includes the limited edition Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rabbit.

Perfetti Van Melle’s Mar Gili on how art, design and the element of surprise fuel brand extensions for Chupa Chups

Mar Gili – Design Coordinator at Perfetti Van Melle – talks us through collaborations with artists and designers that have propelled Chupa Chups into areas like fashion, food and even scooters…

Todd – Head of Design at Finisterre – on diving into the archives for the firm’s Natural History Museum collection

Todd, Head of Design at Finisterre, tells us how the team got to grips with the Museum’s cave of wonders when developing the apparel and accessories ranges.

Warner Bros Animation’s Jay Bastian on bringing Looney Tunes into podcasts and pre-school

Having launched a successful podcast last year, and with the Bugs Bunny Builders pre-school show on the way, Jay Bastian – Senior Vice President of Series at Warner Bros Animation – tells us why Looney Tunes continues to thrive.

Alicia Chen takes us inside ARTiSTORY’s artist collaborations initiative

Alicia Chen – Country Manager of ARTiSTORY’s Singapore Office and head of the artists programme – tells us about bringing artists and museums together for exciting licensing opportunities.

Pink Key Licensing’s Nancy Jones on creating perfect products for Pringles

What’s the ethos of Pringles? Nancy Jones discusses Pink Key Licensing’s products, passion and process.

POLYWOOD launches Country Living outdoor furniture collection

“Country Living readers often tell us they enjoy reading their magazine outdoors, and this new collection provides the perfect perch for thumbing through the latest issue,” said Country Living’s editor-in-chief Rachel Hardage Barrett.

Nat Marco – founder of Small Fries Games – reveals how Pringles Pop Quiz got to market… And why she’s old school!

The founder of Small Fries Games, Nat Marco, talks about developing ideas – and taking a bold step toward licensing…

Joe Houlihan reveals what makes a brand perfect for the MobyFox treatment on a smart watch

MobyFox’s Joe Houlihan discusses watch-face apps and statement straps.

Huge! Play’s Adrian Roche discusses the extraordinary tech in the GameBud Talking Tom

Why Game Bud Talking Tom is the tip of the licensing iceberg for Huge! Play’s Adrian Roche.

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