Nat Marco – founder of Small Fries Games – reveals how Pringles Pop Quiz got to market… And why she’s old school!

The founder of Small Fries Games, Nat Marco, talks about developing ideas – and taking a bold step toward licensing…

Joe Houlihan reveals what makes a brand perfect for the MobyFox treatment on a smart watch

MobyFox’s Joe Houlihan discusses watch-face apps and statement straps.

Huge! Play’s Adrian Roche discusses the extraordinary tech in the GameBud Talking Tom

Why Game Bud Talking Tom is the tip of the licensing iceberg for Huge! Play’s Adrian Roche.

“Play the games, drive the cars, taste the sweets”: CAA-GBG’s Ellie Parry on being hands-on with brands

Ellie Parry – Senior Brand and Product Development Manager at CAA-GBG – discusses her approach to design, what fuels her creativity and the four Ps…

Desmond & Dempsey’s Molly Goddard on creating luxury dinosaur pyjamas with the Natural History Museum

Desmond & Dempsey co-founder Molly Goddard tells us what prompted the collaboration – and how the Museum’s focus on sustainability left a lasting impression on the firm.

Kimm & Miller’s Maddie Northern and Alex Cotton discuss Kellogg’s brand extensions and more

Maddie Northern and Alex Cotton on how Kimm & Miller create brand extensions for famous foods.

An ABC of classics: why Anthologies, Books and Concerts are part of Gerry Anderson’s legacy

Jamie Anderson discusses extension plans for some all-time classic brands.

Jean Théberge on why licensed lines are at the heart of WREBBIT’s iconic 3D puzzles

President of WREBBIT PUZZLES INC., Jean Théberge, reveals what he looks for in branded products.

Dynamo’s Steve Richards on storytelling, problem-solving and creativity in licensing

Steve Richards – MD of the creative studio Dynamo – tells us about his route into the brand space, and what keeps his creative fires burning.

Ashley Holman on innovation, inventors and plans for his new toy firm, ToyTopic

With partnerships in place with the likes of Hasbro and WowWee, we spoke with Ashley about what ToyTopic is bringing to the industry.

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