Anderson Entertainment set to stage new musical celebration of Gerry Anderson

Stand By for Action! 2 Tunes of Danger to feature music from iconic TV catalogue.

Anderson Entertainment kicks off collectibles range with Space: 1999 ships

“We’ve got a lot more collectibles planned for launch during the first half of 2024, including classic vehicles from other shows,” said Anderson Entertainment MD Jamie Anderson.

Anderson Entertainment’s Jamie Anderson and Tim Collins discuss news, views and Terrahawks booze

The good, the great and the ugly: Jamie Anderson and Tim Collins on what’s new at Anderson Entertainment

Time Bomb Comics readies second Gerry Anderson Spectrum anthology

“I’m delighted to see how the Gerry Anderson titles and characters have evolved in the second issue,” said Anderson Entertainment’s Jamie Anderson.

Jamie Anderson reveals what’s in store at The Cartoon Museum’s Gerry Anderson Exhibition

Anderson Entertainment’s MD, Jamie Anderson, discusses the art of Gerry Anderson brands

5,4,3,2,1… The Cartoon Museum counts down to Gerry Anderson exhibit in London

Countdown to action! Cartoon Museum’s Gerry Anderson exhibition opens March 3rd

Anderson Entertainment readies New Captain Scarlet graphic novel, Operation Sabre

“I hope Operation Sabre gives fans the continuation of the story that they have been craving, while also appealing to fans of the original who may have missed the new show when it came out,” said writer Chris Thompson.

Anderson Entertainment teams with designer Andrew Harman for Thunderbirds: Danger Zone card game

Anderson Entertainment connected with Harman following a call out to game designers through Mojo Nation.

An ABC of classics: why Anthologies, Books and Concerts are part of Gerry Anderson’s legacy

Jamie Anderson discusses extension plans for some all-time classic brands.

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