Mattel celebrates Ken’s 60th anniversary with Berluti collaboration

To celebrate 60 years of Ken, Mattel has teamed up with fashion brand Berluti on three unique Ken dolls.

Developed with Berluti’s Creative Director Kris Van Assche, each of the Ken dolls comes dressed in looks from the Berluti x Brian Rochefort collection. This includes braided calf leather Camden shoes, a Prince of Wales double breasted suit with a Ken & Berluti logo tee – as well as a miniature version of the Berluti beach buggy, created by Hot Wheels.

The three Ken dolls will be digitally auctioned in May, with proceeds supporting the children’s charity, Make-A-Wish.

Two dedicated Berluti products have also been created for the anniversary: a T-shirt displaying Berluti’s and Ken’s interlaced logos and a Nino clutch. Both pieces are available both in Berluti stores in U.S, France, China and Japan, and worldwide e-shops.

“During such a restrictive time, it felt joyful and liberating going into fantasy mode to create all these products and this storytelling… Ultimately, it all goes back to the idea of dreaming”, said Assche.

Mattel Senior Director of Barbie Design, Robert Best, added: “Throughout Ken’s iconic history, cultural relevance and diversity have been core to his evolution. These themes perfectly align with Berluti’s fashion and values, so it made total sense to come together to celebrate Ken’s 60thanniversary.”

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