Chocolatier Australia welcomes collaborations with Pimm’s and Bundaberg Rum

The deals were struck by Australian brand extension agency Assembl.

Assembl, a leading brand extension agency based in Australia, has detailed chocolate collaborations for Pimm’s and Bundaberg Rum.

Both brands are teaming up with Chocolatier Australia for special edition chocolates.

“At Christmas time nothing quite beats the taste of Pimm’s – except when that fresh citrus flavour is paired up with Chocolatier Australia’s pure milk chocolate,” said Asembl Managing Director, Justin Watson.

“We are just as excited to be launching for the first time a delicious Bundaberg Rum Rum’ N’ Raisin chocolate with Chocolatier Australia. Both the Pimm’s and Bundaberg Rum ‘Rum N’ Raisin’ chocolate collaborations are going to make Christmas gift-giving a whole lot sweeter.”

The Pimm’s launch sees Pimm’s No. 1 mixed with fresh citrus flavours in Chocolatier Australia’s milk chocolate, while the Bundaberg Rum ‘Rum N’ Raisin’ chocolate gift pack includes chocolate filled with a Bundaberg Rum-flavoured liqueur.

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