BLE’s Culture & Unity catwalk to showcase designs from Sibu, Bunmi and Anita Quansah

“Set as a closer to BLE’s three-day fashion theme, the Culture & Unity runway show is the one to watch,” said Saphia Maxamed, founder of Black Lives Matter Licensing.

Brand Licensing Europe has detailed the Culture & Unity catwalk taking place at this year’s show.

During the event’s Sustainability, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Day on Thursday September 22nd, the Culture & Unity catwalk will host four unique runway shows from Black Lives Matter Licensing and showcase the work of three incredible designers from the Black community.

Curated in partnership with Black Lives Matter Licensing and founder Saphia Maxamed, the catwalk will bring Fashion UK’s Black Lives Matter collection to life. Attention will then turn to the work of three designers: bridal and couture designer Bunmi, runway accessories designer Anita Quansah and Sibu, a Black LGBT+ designer who has partnered with Levi’s to create value and be kind to the planet.

“I’m honoured to be a part of this BLE Culture & Unity catwalk driven by the important Black Lives Matter movement and to use my voice to show that I am a proud Black person who is dealing with everyday injustices step by step, and that’s the only way to deal with it,” said Sibu.

Backstage, the runways will be supported by high calibre creative professionals from the Black community, from specialised hair and makeup through to the performance team.

“Set as a closer to BLE’s three-day fashion theme, the Culture & Unity runway show is the one to watch,” said Saphia Maxamed, founder of Black Lives Matter Licensing.

“For the first time, the licensing industry will be introduced to an effective way of delivering DE&I strategy correctly, and by that, I mean one that is authentic and not a tick box exercise or a number’s game.

“The BLE team has truly given back to Black community, more importantly have really taken notice of our idea to support and include the LGBT+ community in our show unity message by giving us a stage, a voice, and hiring talent from these communities to create the Culture & Unity catwalk experience, and that is exactly what the Black Lives Matter movement is all about: making a real, tangible difference to Black lives.”

Anna Knight, SVP of Licensing at Informa Markets, added: “Designed to unite us as an industry and empower us to move forwards towards positive social change, the Culture & Unity themed catwalk show is set to be a showstopper.

“The runway will feature Black Lives Matter Movement fashion collections and spotlight Black-owned businesses looking to break into the licensing industry. Demands are growing for consumer-facing companies to make visible, authentic, and effective commitments to focus on—and meet—Black consumers’ needs and be inspired by those helping to drive economic equality. The catwalk will be coupled with cultural performances and LGBT+ dancers. Take my word for it, it is not to be missed.”

Visitors can also take the opportunity to meet the Black Lives Matter Licensing team on stand #D200 to learn more about how they amplify black voices across the consumer products sector while generating revenue to benefit the black community. Founder Saphia Maxamed and other members of the team will be available for pre-arranged and drop-in meetings.

Visitors can register for BLE for free online here.

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