Tony’s Chocolonely re-evaluating BrewDog collaboration following “rotten culture” accusations

‘Treating people with fairness and equality is core to our values at Tony’s,’ read a statement from Tony’s Chocolonely.

Tony’s Chocolonely is re-evaluating its partnership with BrewDog after a letter published by former employees accused the brewery of having a “rotten culture” that left workers feeling “burnt out, afraid and miserable”.

Earlier this year, the two firms collaborated on a white chocolate and raspberry milkshake flavoured beer called Tony’s Hopolonely.

Tony’s Chocolonely issued a statement reading: ‘In light of the open letter released yesterday, we will be re-evaluating our partnership with BrewDog. Treating people with fairness and equality is core to our values at Tony’s.’

Addressing the letter on Linkedin, BrewDog CEO James Watt stated: ‘We are committed to doing better, not just as a reaction to this, but always; and we are going to reach out to our entire team past and present to learn more. But most of all, right now, we are sorry.’

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