Team GB debuts Gold Lion Club NFTs and digital pins

Holders of Gold Lion Tokns will gain access to signed merchandise, exclusive athlete experiences and an immersive clubhouse in the Metaverse.

Team GB has teamed with NFT firm Tokns on a new range of NFTs and digital pins.

Team GB was the first Olympic team to launch an official non-fungible token collection in the run-up to the Tokyo Games last summer. This new line extends that programme to include a limited amount of ‘fan tokens’ that unlock access to the Gold Lion Club community and exclusive experiences.

New benefits and experiences exclusively available to holders of Gold Lion Tokns will include access to signed merchandise, athlete experiences and an immersive clubhouse in the Metaverse.

“Team GB is proud of its community of passionate and loyal fans and through this opportunity with Tokns we can provide them with a new and exciting way to support the UK’s most loved sports team,” said British Olympic Association Commercial Director, Tim Ellerton.

“The gold lion tokn is just one of the many exciting concepts in the pipeline.”

Tokns CEO Jamie Tedford added: “Team GB has done it again. First-ever Olympic team to create NFTs, now first to create a fan token with unique utilities throughout 2022.

“We are proud to be the Official Supplier and Licensee of Team GB NFTs, and are excited to see fans unlock rare experiences, official merchandise and other owner benefits with their Gold Lion Tokn.”

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