Talking Brands: With Toy Fair season upon us, which untapped toy or game brands could thrive in licensing?

Aardman’s Anthony Garnon, Wow! Stuff’s Richard North, Paper Engine’s Jason McKenzie and Vivid Goliath’s Emma Weber share thoughts on the toys, games and brand brands.

Talking Brands: Can licensing save Tupperware?

From just-looks bland to must-have brand… Start Licensing’s Ian Downes, KI’s Gary Pope, Making Things’ Fi O’Malley and The Wyld Bunch’s Paul Brunton discuss the brand’s potential.

Talking Brands: Mattel is bringing Barney back… Which other classic kids’ TV shows are right for a relaunch?

Play Elevated’s Deb Weber, Imaginnovation’s Wayne Lindsay and Vize Creative’s James Oddy give us their picks for shows ripe for a comeback.

Talking Brands: Hachette Partworks has launched a build-your-own Batmobile… What other brands are built for construction kits?

SGLP’s Simon Gresswell, Start Licensing’s Ian Downes and Dinosuit’s Ross Padgett share their thoughts on IP that’s built for success in the construction sector.

Talking Brands: With Elf gracing the small screen for Asda, which other characters could be a good fit for ad campaigns?

Lightbulb Licensing’s Susan Bolsover, Rainbow Productions’ Simon Foulkes and Caroline High Consultancy’s Caroline High share their picks for characters with the right qualities to front an ad campaign.

Talking Brands: Pokémon, Seinfeld and Minecraft have cookbooks… Which other IP could thrive in this area?

WildBrain CPLG’s Michael Ogunseitan, GOSH Children’s Charity’s Etta Saunders Bingham, Kimm & Miller’s Rob Kimm and The Zeros’ Scott Ham share the brands they feel are a recipe for success in the cookbook sector.

Talking Brands: Which brand deserves its own graphic novel or comic book series?

Design_lead_play’s Darren Lee Phillipson, SBC’s Sophie Bloomfield, Vonner Studios’ David Vonner, Aardman’s Danny Heffer, footwear designer Chris Hill and Larkshead Licensing’s Lindsey Chester tell us which characters and brands should get the comic book treatment.

Talking Brands: McDonald’s footwear, KFC handbags, Taco Bell luggage… Is this a heyday for fast-food brand extensions?

The Opinionated Designer’s Emma Horton, Pink Key Licensing’s Richard Pink and Start Licensing’s Ian Downes share their thoughts on the potential of fast-food brands.

Talking Brands: From Peter Rabbit to I Want My Hat Back… What gives a picture book licensing potential?

Kids Industries’ Gary Pope, The Roald Dahl Story Company’s Stephanie Griggs, Penguin Ventures’ Thomas Merrington, Making Things’ Fi Murray and Caroline High Consultancy’s Caroline High talk picture books – and share some thoughts on untapped gems.

Talking Brands: When is a brand ready for licensing? And are there any sleeping giants waiting to be licensed?

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes, Jehane’s Jehane Boden Spiers and Licensing International UK’s Graham Saltmarsh share their insights.

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