Poetic Brands’ Little People, BIG DREAMS apparel collection lands in Tesco

“We’re thrilled to be working with a brand whose positive values, unique approach and appealing design have struck such a chord with kids and parents across so many markets,” said Anne Bradford, Director at Poetic Brands.

Poetic Brands readies apparel celebrating Muhammad Ali, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe

“The opportunity to bring three of the 20th century’s greatest cultural icons to this extensive range of leisure apparel doesn’t come often,” said Elliott Matthews, Managing Director of Poetic Brands.

Poetic Brands to launch Atari apparel, accessories and homewares

“This is such an exciting opportunity for us to work with one of the most recognisable gaming brands in the industry,” said Elliott Matthews, Managing Director of Poetic Brands.

Macmillan Children’s Books, Sweet Cherry and Poetic Brands join Super Sema licensing programme

“We’ve been thrilled with the incredible response we’ve had from partners and retailers so far and look forward to seeing this programme grow and grow,” said Katie Wilkinson, Head of Publishing and Operations at The Point.1888.

Poetic Brands and Sunny Side Up launch Sweet Caroline shirts at Tesco

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Poetic and Tesco to bring these wonderful t-shirts to fans all over England during the most important event in world football,” said Michael Gottlieb, Founder of Sunny Side Up.

Poetic Brands teams with ASOS for Pokémon apparel collection

“The twenty-somethings who grew up with the brand, are now the fashion forward ASOS customer, so the collaboration has the perfect synergy,” said Anne Bradford, Commercial Director of Poetic Brands.

Silhouettes and slogans to be design focus of Poetic Brands’ Tour de France apparel

“A sporting event with such heritage offers a wealth of creative assets to design a striking and hugely wearable collection,” said Poetic Brands’ Anne Bradford.

Walkers enters apparel sector with Poetic Brands

“Walkers is a dream property to work with as it holds a place in the hearts of many,” said Elliott Matthews, Managing Director of Poetic Brands.

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