Skew’s Oliver Dyer on giving creatives a voice through the ‘Not Just Colouring In’ survey

“It was born from conversations with people across the industry in creative roles – and a sense of frustration!”: Skew’s Oliver Dyer on what to expect from his creative study.

Talking Brands: The Godfather has extended into sauce… Which brand should be next?

Studio Griggs’ Stephanie Griggs, Skew’s Oliver Dyer, Born Licensing’s David Born and Louis Kennedy’s Tracey Richardson share their saucy suggestions.

Stuff We Loved: What are the industry’s favourite licensed launches of 2023?

We asked figures in the licensing industry for their favourite launches of the year. The only caveat… They couldn’t choose a product or experience they were involved in!

Talking Brands: Introvert or Extravert… Which personality type is more useful for a creative career in licensing?

Do typical traits of introverts and extraverts make one better suited to working as a creative in the licensing industry? We asked figures across the brand extension space for their thoughts.

Skew Founder Oliver Dyer discusses Autumn Haul: The London Retail Masterclass

What can guests expect from Skew’s London Retail Masterclass? Founder Oliver Dyer tells all!

Skew’s Oliver Dyer to talk ‘Breakthrough Design for Future Leaders’ at Brand Design Conference 2022

In his session, Oliver will explore how creatives can own the impact of their work and lead the conversation in a fast-changing industry.

Skew’s Oliver Dyer on how the studio’s ‘Think. Shop. Do!’ workshop will help delegates crack brand challenges

The retail research event – taking place on Wednesday, March 30th – promises to ‘pack a week’s worth of research into a single day’.

Talking Brands: Vincent van Gogh toys, Nelson Mandela apparel, Einstein energy ads… Which other historical figures have licensing potential?

Skew’s Oliver Dyer, Licensing Link’s Chris Taday and The Ashmolean Museum’s Declan McCarthy tell us which iconic figures deserve brand extensions of their own.

Skew’s Oliver Dyer on why the licensing industry’s biggest problem is its name

We sat down with Oliver to discuss Skew’s origins, his thoughts on creativity and why designers don’t get the recognition they deserve in the licensing space.

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