Miraculous Corp details raft of food and drink deals for Miraculous

“These latest agreements provide fans with a range of nutritious and hydrating beverages and meals, along with delightful treats for a little indulgence as part of a balanced diet,” said Lisa K. Foster, Sr. Vice President, Licensing, North America at Miraculous Corp.

Mediawan and ZAG detail joint venture, Miraculous Corp

“This new chapter of our journey with Mediawan will allow us to fulfill our wildest dreams, matching the ambition we have for Miraculous,” said Jeremy Zag, Founder and President of ZAG.

Kung Fu Tea launches Miraculous bubble tea

“This collaboration embodies our commitment to delivering fun, innovative experiences and delightful flavours to our customers,” said Matthew Poveromo, Marketing Manager at Kung Fu Tea.

SAI Group to launch snacks, cereals and candy for ZAG’s Miraculous

“By integrating the globally beloved superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir into our product lines, our aim is to inspire kids to make healthier food choices,” said Alper Müftüoğlu, President of SAI Group.

Miraculous gets its own cereal with Kellogg’s

“We are so proud to offer our fans a new way to interact with their favourite heroes,” said ZAG Founder and CEO, Jeremy Zag.

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