Fendi launches Chupa Chups lollipop holder

“Fendi flawlessly captured the essence of the Chupa Chups brand, infusing the collection with delightful playfulness,” said Marta Ballesteros, Global Licensing Manager at Perfetti Van Melle.

Mentos soft drinks “showcases our commitment to innovation”, says Perfetti Van Melle

“I’m thrilled with the launch of this ground-breaking drink for Mentos, which truly showcases our unwavering commitment to innovation,” said Marta Ballesteros, Global Licensing Manager.

Banila Co launches Chupa Chups cosmetics

“Our ultimate aim has been to enchant Banila Co’s fans with this collaboration and leave them delighted,” said Marta Ballesteros, Perfetti Van Melle’s Global Area Licensing Manager.

United Food & Beverage Group readies Chupa Chups popcorn

“We are enthusiastic about this great collaboration between partners that share the same values; bringing tasteful and joyful moments to families and friends across the world,” said Yuri Roosblad, Director at United Food & Beverage Group.

Asembl brings Lactalis and Perfetti Van Melle together for Chupa Chups milkshakes

“What a fun way to shake up the flavoured milk category,” said Asembl MD Justin Watson.

Asembl brings Chupa Chups into popcorn with Kinrise

“We are excited about the crunchy experience that Kinrise Poppin have created with our iconic Chupa Chups flavours for the first time in the Australian market,” said Perfetti Van Melle Area Licensing Manager, Marta Ballesteros.

Asembl brings Chupa Chups into custard with Pauls

“Loved in Australia, the iconic taste of Pauls Custard works perfectly with Chupa Chups’ Strawberry & Cream, one of the most iconic flavours of all time,” said Asembl Managing Director, Justin Watson.

Rose Marketing UK launches Chupa Chups freeze pops

“These freeze pops are a natural extension that will allow our consumers to experience our brand in a new, refreshing and exciting way,” said Perfetti Van Melle’s Marta Ballesteros.

Fruit-tella moves into ice cream with Iceland

“Iceland have created an amazing ice cream that looks like a skewer of Fruit-tella candies that will be the delight at any family barbecue,” said Marta Ballesteros, Area Licensing Manager at Perfetti Van Melle.

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