Lisle Licensing’s Becky Sherwood on the agency’s ambitions for Poodle & Blonde

Becky Sherwood, Licensing & Commerical Manager at Lisle Licensing, on how the agency gets exciting new brands ‘licensing ready.’

Lisle Licensing to helm product push for The Dogfather by Graeme Hall

“This feels like a great next step for the Dogfather brand and I am looking forward to sharing these products with dog lovers in the future,” said Graeme Hall.

Lisle Licensing eyes partners in homewares, fragrances and more for Poodle & Blonde

“We believe now is the right time to launch licensed ranges which engage push the boundaries of conventional home furnishings,” said Poodle & Blonde founders Whinnie Williams and Kierra Campbell.

Lisle Licensing secures apparel and dress-up partners for Rainbow’s Pinocchio and Friends

Fashion UK are on board to create apparel, while Smiffy’s will debut a dress-up range based on the popular CBeebies show.

Francesca Lisle reveals new products and plans for the Tetris brand at Lisle Licensing

What’s in store for Tetris this year? Lisle Licensing’s Francesca Lisle tells all!

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