Ultra PRO’s Dekan Wheeler on bringing the history, artwork and lore of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS into game accessories

Dekan Wheeler, Senior Product Manager at Ultra PRO, takes us inside the firm’s latest D&D collection, celebrating the brand’s 50th anniversary.

George Krstic – VP and Head of Creative for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS – on authenticity, creativity and ‘Lore Yoga’

“I’ve been training for this job since I was a kid!”: Wizards of the Coast’s George Krstic – Vice President and Head of Creative for D&D – on shaping worlds and characters for the iconic brand.

“The key to its success is the players”: Cynthia Williams – President of Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro Gaming – on why D&D continues to thrive

Cynthia Williams – President of Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro Gaming – discusses the key to D&D’s longevity.

BlackMilk debuts D&D clothing collection

The collection boasts an exclusive-to-BlackMilk print featuring 40 different monsters in a D20 pattern.

Zev Foreman, Hasbro Entertainment’s Head of Film, on what makes D&D a success at 50

Why was DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Honor Among Thieves a hit? Zev Foreman shares his thoughts!

Hasbro’s President of Licensed Consumer Products, Casey Collins, on why D&D is booming

Why has DUNGEONS & DRAGONS enchanted fans for 50 years? Casey Collins shares his thoughts…

Say Aloha! Doug Burkman, Creative Director at Reyn Spooner, talks storytelling D&D shirts

“The D&D 50th? We couldn’t turn it down!” Doug Burkman on Reyn Spooner’s anniversary Aloha shirts.

Super7 founder Brian Flynn discusses how nostalgia drives his DUNGEONS & DRAGONS figures

Going deep into a world that’s never been touched: Brian Flynn on Super7’s D&D ranges.

Fanattik’s Creative Director, Melissa Tudor, discusses their celebratory range of D&D products

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS at 50: Melissa Tudor on Fanattik’s limited-edition gifts and collectibles

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS at 50: a chat with Chris Perkins, Game Design Architect, WOTC

When did D&D become a brand? Wizards of the Coast stalwart Chris Perkins shares his thoughts…

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