Jaffa Cakes, Tropicana, Kenco and more join Anya Hindmarch’s latest Ice Cream Project line-up

The Ice Cream Project is located at The Village on London’s Pont Street until August 18th.

Anya Hindmarch launches vintage Sprite and Fanta pyjamas

The sets are made up of a buttoned, short-sleeved shirt and drawstring-waist shorts, made from 100% natural linen.

Anya Hindmarch debuts Kodak charm

The Kodak Charm is crafted from leather in the image of a roll of film.

Anya Hindmarch debuts After Eight pyjamas, robe and slippers

These complete a line-up that also includes an After Eight blanket, pouch and scented candle.

Anya Hindmarch brings brands like PG Tips, HP Sauce and Heinz Baked Beans into ice cream

Anya Hindmarch’s latest pop-up concept ­­– The Ice Cream Project – is serving up a collection of unexpected ice creams celebrate Hindmarch’s favourite cult food brands.

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