Superga takes us inside the development of its Barbie footwear collection

The team at Superga on how diving into the Barbie archives helped inform its latest collaboration.

Guys, it’s great to chat. Before we dive into your Barbie range, can you talk us through the heritage of Superga?
Superga was founded in Torino, Italy in 1911 and we initially made premium rubber-soled shoes. Our enduring 2750 style, which epitomised the fusion of culture and fashion, helped us break into the footwear business.

“Our decision to go with a 7cm tall platform is both a fashion statement and a tribute to Barbie’s spirit of empowerment.”

You recently teamed up with Mattel on a footwear range for the Barbie movie. What appealed about working with that brand?
For Superga, working with Barbie was a natural fit. Barbie has a long history and has served as an iconic representation of style and development for many years – much like our brand. The draw was in fusing Superga’s classic style with Barbie’s image of fashion and empowerment to create a combination that honours the legacies of both brands.

Superga, Barbie, Fashion, Film & TV

What kickstarted the design process? How did you get to grips with the IP?
Going over the fundamental principles and aesthetics of both companies again sparked the design process. In order to fully comprehend Barbie’s development from the 1950s to the present, we dove deeply into her vast archive. We were able to create a pleasing fusion thanks to this exploration and Superga’s timeless shapes.

To fully grasp the IP, we worked closely with the Barbie team, making sure that every design piece embodied the spirit of both brands. As a result, we were able to create a collection that honours our common heritage.

Superga, Barbie, Fashion, Film & TV

Can you talk us through some of your favourite design details in the collection?
The collection deftly incorporates several eye-catching design elements that we appreciate. The subtly placed Barbie pins on the laces give the shoe a touch of classic flair, and the Barbie logo print tucked under the sole is a wink to fans.

Our decision to go with a 7cm tall platform is both a fashion statement and a tribute to Barbie’s spirit of empowerment. Additionally, each pair of shoes features colourful Barbie designs all throughout that celebrate the rich tapestry of two great companies coming together.

Superga, Barbie, Fashion, Film & TV

What’s the key to crafting great footwear based on brands?
Understanding and appreciating the spirit of each brand involved is essential to creating excellent footwear that is based on them. It involves capturing the fundamental ideals, aesthetics, and stories that make people who they are. When the footwear offers both familiarity and innovation to its audience, while also reflecting the brand’s identity, then it’s truly successful. The footwear should feel organically integrated into the brand’s narrative during collaborations, resulting in a finished product that is both genuine and innovative.

Last question! How does the team at Superga fuel creativity? What helps you have ideas?
At Superga, we regularly draw motivation from our rich legacy, mixing it with bits of knowledge from assorted societies and craftsmanship shapes. Remaining up to date with plan patterns and minutes of mindfulness advance support our imaginative soul. It’s about adjusting convention with advancement and being open to the horde motivations that surround us.

Guys, a big thanks again and congrats on your Barbie launch.

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