Is your brand ready for Licensing Expo?

In the first of a new regular column, U.S. attorney and creator of the Protect for Success course – Stephanie Pottick – looks at the three things you need to consider when licensing a product or brand.

The Brand Radar: Network Rail, Thomas & Friends and how brands bolster safety campaigns

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes looks at how brands like Thomas & Friends, Space Invaders and Shaun the Sheep have successfully been used to support safety campaigns.

From Budweiser popcorn to Salt Bae salt: A look at food-based brand extensions at IFE

Fresh from a day at IFE 2022, Brands Untapped’s Billy Langsworthy looks at how the food and drink industry is engaging with the world of brand extensions.

The Brand Radar: House of Disaster, The Beatles and preserving legacies through licensing

Inspired by a trip to Spring Fair, Start Licensing’s Ian Downes looks at how the legacy of music icons like The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Amy Winehouse are being preserved through smart brand extensions.

Colin the Caterpillar vs Cuthbert the Caterpillar: The verdict – and what it means for your brand

Wynne-Jones IP’s Victor Caddy looks at the recent verdict in the case of the clashing cakes – and what it says about IP protection in this sector.

The Brand Radar: Royal Mail, Aardman and fresh thinking around licensing

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes looks at how Aardman’s recent partnerships with the likes of Royal Mail, P&O and Wild in Art showcase innovation around brand extensions.

The Brand Radar: Everyone seems to be playing Wordle… Does it have licensing potential?

With the online word puzzle Wordle soaring in popularity, Start Licensing’s Ian Downes looks at how Wordle could expand into consumer products and live experiences.

The Brand Radar: MAC, Keith Haring and celebrating creativity in cosmetics

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes looks at MAC’s recent collaboration with Keith Haring and how it highlights the creativity of both art licensing and the cosmetics industry’s attitude to working with brands.

Exploring opportunities for brands in education

Good Play Guide’s Dr Amanda Gummer looks at the relationship between licensing and the educational sector, exploring how brands can enter this space in authentic, creative ways.

The Brand Radar: Farrow & Ball, Liberty and the power of confident collaborations

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes shines a spotlight on a partnership between Farrow & Ball and Liberty around a curated paint collection.

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