Oficina Reserva’s Gabriel Zandomênico on creating Brazil’s first Peaky Blinders clothing collection

Gabriel Zandomênico – CEO and Co-founder of Oficina Reserva – discusses creativity, future collabs and the appeal of Peaky Blinders.

Gabirel, it’s great to connect. For anyone new to Oficina Reserva, how would you describe the company’s approach to design?
Oficina Reserva is a Brazilian brand that believes the beauty of sophistication lies in simplicity. We understand that men are looking for ease when composing their wardrobes, but that doesn’t mean they are less demanding with aesthetics. So that’s our premise when thinking about each product: attractive and practical. Our collections are therefore timeless and made with the best fabrics.

You’ve recently launched a Peaky Blinders collection. What appealed about working with the brand?
The second we received the invite; we accepted. Peaky Blinders is our favourite TV show. We love powerful stories and strong visuals and each frame in the show could be the main photo of a campaign; it’s so well done. After the acceptance came the butterflies, as we had to maintain the high standard when combining the two brands. But I’ve always had a lot of confidence in what we do here, and we did it with great pleasure!

Oficina Reserva, Gabriel Zandomênico, Peaky Blinders

Talk us through the collection. Are these pieces influenced by the show or exact replicas of outfits seen in the show?
The collection was definitely influenced by the show, but it wasn’t a replica. We were careful to maintain the identity of the clothes worn and the cinematography, which we so admire in Peaky Blinders. We also wanted to deliver a collection in line with Oficina’s standards and values: comfort and practicality in contemporary pieces. We are very happy with the result and our customers are too.

Are you looking to launch more licensed ranges in the future?
To be honest, it’s not something that we see ourselves being committed to, but we really believe in brands collaborating. We will always be open to invitations that respect and exalt our values and qualities.

Oficina Reserva, Gabriel Zandomênico, Peaky Blinders

Last question – how do you fuel your creativity?
I always say that creativity comes from two factors: curiosity and authenticity. When you talk about what you believe in and look at the world around you, ideas flow. You cannot limit yourself to your market. You have to read books, watch movies, look at art, and observe the world and its people. Then, of course, you must sit in a chair and connect the dots that align with your truth.

Great answer. Thanks Gabriel, and good luck with the Peaky Blinders collection.

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