Loyalty Brand Products launches Norman Rockwell accessory collection

The range spans neckties, scarves, cufflinks and pocket squares featuring Rockwell’s art.

Loyalty Brand Products has launched a Norman Rockwell accessory collection, spanning neckties, scarves, cufflinks and pocket squares.

In a deal brokered by IMG – Norman Rockwell’s exclusive global licensing agency – the collection pays homage to Rockwell’s iconic works and the ‘essence of Americana’.
“Norman Rockwell’s art resonates across generations,” said Marietta Brathwaite, Loyalty Brand Products Managing Director.

“We wanted to create pieces that evoke the same emotions; warmth, nostalgia, and a sense of community.”
Loyalty Brand Products CEO, Isaac Crawford, added: “As a lifelong admirer of Rockwell’s work, and a young Boy Scout model for Mr. Rockwell, I’m thrilled to introduce this collection. It’s more than accessories; it’s a celebration of the artist, his works, and Americana.”

Margaret Rockwell, Manager of the Norman Rockwell Family Agency, said: “It is a real pleasure for the Rockwell Family to welcome this beautiful accessory collection. It’s particularly special for us because Loyalty Brand’s CEO Isaac Crawford was a young model for Norman Rockwell and he understands the joy and beauty that Norman Rockwell’s art can bring.”

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