Karen Hewitt on what makes a brand right for Character.com

“We look for brands that have a positive brand image and are viewed favourably by parents”: Karen Hewitt, Co-Founder of Character.com, on the appeal of PEPPA PIG.

Karen, thanks for making time. It’s great to chat. Before we dive into Character.com’s PEPPA PIG offering, why do you feel the brand lends itself well to your sector? Not all hit kids’ TV shows replicate that success in apparel…
Well, PEPPA PIG features simple yet iconic character designs that are easily recognisable and lend themselves well to apparel. The characters’ distinctive features and bright colours make them attractive and appealing to children.

The brand has a broad appeal across different age groups, genders, and cultural backgrounds. This wide appeal ensures that there is a large market for PEPPA PIG apparel, making it a great proposition for apparel retailers.

Absolutely. You mentioned character design there. Does that tend to naturally lend itself to interesting apparel design?
Yes, PEPPA PIG apparel often features trendy and fashionable designs that appeal to both children and their parents. This includes items such as graphic tees, hoodies, dresses, and pyjamas, as well as accessories like backpacks, hats, and shoes.\

“To keep our customers engaged we always need to offer innovation and freshness.”

Seasonal and occasion-based apparel always works very well for us, and PEPPA PIG style guides incorporate seasonal and holiday themes, making it relevant and timely throughout the year. Whether it’s Halloween costumes, Christmas sweaters, or summer swimwear, there are plenty of opportunities.

Karen Hewitt, Character, hasbro, Peppa Pig, Fashion

Can you talk us through a few stand-out PEPPA items from the range you stock, and why they’re special design-wise?
One of our standout PEPPA collections was the Plant with Peppa sustainable range, which also earned us a Licensing Award. It brought a different vibe with its muted palette and design, perfectly echoing the sustainability values of the range. Catering to both boys and girls, it featured Peppa and George – alongside an innovative touch with plantable swing tags.

Karen Hewitt, Character, hasbro, Peppa Pig, Fashion

A lovely touch!
We also offer an adult range within this pre-school license, filling a gap in the market for products that resonate with parents. It’s rewarding to offer something that meets the demands of our audience.

PEPPA is a really important licence for us, and we are always looking for innovate and fresh product to keep the licence moving and relevant on the website. We are continually driven to explore innovative avenues and introduce fresh products to our line-up, ensuring that the PEPPA franchise remains dynamic and relevant on our website.

Karen Hewitt, Character, hasbro, Peppa Pig, Fashion

On that, what makes a brand right for Character.com? What do you look for and how does PEPPA align with that?
When considering a brand for Character.com we always look for a strong brand recognition with a wide audience appeal. PEPPA PIG fits this criterion perfectly, as it is a globally recognised brand with a large and dedicated fan base. PEPPA’s universal appeal makes it an ideal fit for our customer base.

We also have to look for brands that have a positive brand image and are viewed favourably by parents, who are ultimately have the purchase power. PEPPA PIG is known for its wholesome and family-friendly content, making it a brand that parents trust and appreciate.

The brand also offers a wide variety of merchandise, allowing us to offer a comprehensive selection to its customers. To keep our customers engaged we always need to offer innovation and freshness. PEPPA regularly introduces new characters, and storylines keeping the brand fresh and exciting for fans.

“We also offer an adult range within this pre-school license, filling a gap in the market for products that resonate with parents.”

We work very closely with Hasbro on PEPPA, which allows us to create exclusive merchandise and experiences, making it an attractive and important licence for us.

Great stuff. We’re talking PEPPA as the brand turns 20 this year. Why do you think the show, its characters and the wider brand has resonated to such a degree with kids – and parents – over the years?
PEPPA PIG has simple and relatable storylines, such as going to Playgroup, visiting friends, and playing with siblings. This relatability makes the show engaging for young viewers. The show also emphasises positive values such as friendship, building confidence and kindness – parents are eager to instil these values into their children from a young age.

The bright and colourful animation style of PEPPA is also visually appealing to children and helps to captivate their attention. Watching PEPPA together can be a bonding experience for parents and children. The show’s humour and charm appeal to both adults and kids, creating opportunities for shared laughter and conversation.

A great note to end on. Thanks again Karen!

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