“The key to its success is the players”: Cynthia Williams – President of Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro Gaming – on why D&D continues to thrive

Cynthia Williams – President of Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro Gaming – discusses the key to D&D’s longevity.

Zev Foreman, Hasbro Entertainment’s Head of Film, on what makes D&D a success at 50

Why was DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Honor Among Thieves a hit? Zev Foreman shares his thoughts!

Hasbro’s President of Licensed Consumer Products, Casey Collins, on why D&D is booming

Why has DUNGEONS & DRAGONS enchanted fans for 50 years? Casey Collins shares his thoughts…

Fanattik’s Creative Director, Melissa Tudor, discusses their celebratory range of D&D products

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS at 50: Melissa Tudor on Fanattik’s limited-edition gifts and collectibles

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS at 50: a chat with Chris Perkins, Game Design Architect, WOTC

When did D&D become a brand? Wizards of the Coast stalwart Chris Perkins shares his thoughts…

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS at 50: RockLove CEO Allison Cimino on what inspires her intricate designs

Why RockLove CEO Allison Cimino always creates D&D pieces that open, move, or reveal…

Talking Brands: DUNGEONS & DRAGONS celebrates its 50th anniversary this year… What’s the secret to its longevity?

“It’s more than a game, it’s the progenitor of a whole new form of entertainment”: As D&D turns 50, we asked figures in the industry for their thoughts as to why it continues to survive – and thrive!

Greg Storey – Senior Creative Director at RSVLTS – discusses the company’s fan-first approach to design

“Fantasy and friendship never gets old!”: RSVLTS’ Greg Storey on creating the firm’s line of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS apparel.

Converse debuts Dungeons & Dragons footwear and apparel

The Chuck 70 silhouettes feature moulded faceted stars on the Chuck patch in a nod to D20 dice.

LEGO debuts Peppa Pig DUPLO sets

“Our goal was to capture the essence of the playful Peppa Pig world and offer toddlers the opportunity to re-create and role-play their favourite scenes and moments from the TV series,” said Roberta Cardazzo, Design Manager at the LEGO Group.

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