HYPE. designer Anna Ormerod on Sesame Street clothes, creative technique and rolling with clients

Anna Ormerod on designing a new range of Sesame Street clothes for Just Hype.

Anna, let’s start in the obvious place: how did you come to be working in the industry?
I’ve been really passionate about design from a young age. I took the plunge and moved from Manchester to Nottingham where I studied textiles at Trent University – then I landed a job here at HYPE. The rest is history!

Tell us a little about HYPE. from your perspective…
HYPE. is a very creative place to work – although I don’t technically class it as work. Being able to explore my creative side and express my passion, whether that be garment shapes, fabric techniques, graphic design or working with huge, globally-known brands to showcase brand values in the form of fashion.

We recently spoke with Liam Green About the 10th anniversary of LEGO Ninjago… But you also have a Sesame Street range that caught our eye! How did that come about?
The HYPE. / Sesame Street collaboration creates a sense of nostalgia, and that’s what our brand is; a lifestyle. Everyone here pretty much grew up with Sesame Street. I mean – who’d say no to getting creative with Elmo; incorporating our signature prints and HYPE. stamp with the world’s most famous furry monster?

Anna Ormerod, HYPE
And is that typical? Do you find that you approach brands saying, “We’ve had some thoughts on this and we’d love you to consider us…”? Or more the other way round?

Brands always approach us to collaborate with them, it’s a crazy feeling! Working with huge global names is an amazing experience. Each collaboration is unique and furthers our creative process.

And generally speaking, what is your creative process? Where does inspiration come from?
The inspiration stems from trend analysis, and keeping up with contemporary culture is key. Mind maps always help to get the idea’s flowing.

Mind maps! The Tony Buzan system… You might be the first person that’s answered that question that way – great answer. Are there any questions you ask clients to make sure you’re getting past the obvious ideas?
We just roll with it! When working on a collaboration, we’re known for our wild design. Our partners know that so they let us get creative, and we turn it into magic. It’s important each collab has it’s own spin; keeping it original and fulfilling our customer and potential customers needs.

Anna Ormerod, HYPE
You sound very passionate about it…

It’s a surreal thing, seeing the designs come to life! We get to see the whole process from Cad, sample, final photo shoot then to billboards and celebrity product placement.

So what’s the criteria for becoming a HYPE. partner?
There’s no criteria. We’re open to anything… No idea – no concept – is never not enough. We want to work with brands that are close to our hearts, that have been there through our childhoods: it becomes a crazy sense of nostalgia.

What’s coming up for you?
We can’t say too much, but there’s a couple of things coming up this year that are super exciting! Bringing multi-generational brands together through creative designs.

Anna Ormerod, HYPE
What’s the one question you’ve never been asked in an interview that you think it would be terrific to answer?

I guess, what my Nando’s order would be – keeping it simple, easy and relatable!

Ha! And what’s the answer?!
Obviously, I’d go for the new veggie chicken wrap, it’s banging – in hot duhhh! And of course it wouldn’t be a winner without garlic bread, peri salt fries and peri-naise: absolute game changer!

Anna Ormerod, HYPE

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