Fluxx Gaming’s Serge Van Kleef on bringing Slush Puppie into energy powders

Fluxx Gaming MD Serge Van Kleef discusses the value that brands can bring to the gaming supplement industry.

Hi Serge, it’s great to connect. For anyone new to Fluxx Gaming, how would you describe where the company’s focus lies?
Fluxx Gaming’s focus lies within the nutritional gaming space. We strive to make a product that is beneficial for the end user and something that hits our target of making a high quality, competitively priced energy and supplement brand.

Our energy powders have been specially formulated with serious gamers in mind. Our unique formulation allows you to take up to three servings per day – unlike some competitors which only allow one serving per day. This means you can safely spread your energy intake delivery out over longer periods.

You recently launched a collaboration with Slush Puppie. How did this partnership come about?
We began our journey in late 2020, with the plan to launch the brand in summer 2021. Roughly 12 months after having a successful summer 2021 launch, we decided that we wanted to expand the brand and look into collaborating with other brands. It was this point we thought about working with Slush Puppie. After lots of development and discussion we finally launched Slush Puppie in February.

“We are interested in partnering with brands that share our passion for innovation and creativity.”

Why did Slush Puppie appeal? What made it a neat fit for your audience?
With Slush Puppie being a popular frozen beverage brand, we thought it could appeal to the gaming market by creating a limited-edition gaming-themed slush flavoured powdered energy drink. Brands like Mountain Dew and Red Bull have also successfully tapped into the gaming market in the past.

We worked on two flavours, both based on original Slush Puppie flavours used in their frozen beverages. These being Red Cherry and Blue Raspberry. And this is only the start – there are many more signature Slush Puppie flavours that we plan to incorporate into our powdered energy drinks.

Serge Van Kleef, Fluxx Gaming

Are these kinds of brand collaborations something Fluxx wants to do more of moving forward?
Yes, definitely. We believe that collaborating with other brands allows us to bring fresh and exciting experiences to our customers, while also introducing our brand to new audiences.

What sorts of brands are you looking to partner with?
We are particularly interested in partnering with brands that share our passion for innovation and creativity. We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to work with brands that have a strong cultural impact and can offer unique perspectives and experiences.

That being said, we are currently working on a number of exciting collaborations that we’re thrilled to share with our customers in the near future. We can’t reveal too much just yet, but these partnerships involve some truly iconic brands that we believe will resonate with our audience and truly surprise people. Stay tuned for more details!

Absolutely! We’ll keep an eye out for those. Now, for any brands reading that are interested in your sector, why is it an exciting area to become a part of?
The gaming supplement industry is exciting because it’s a relatively new and rapidly growing market specifically tailored to gamers. Gaming supplements are designed to improve cognitive function, increase energy levels and enhance overall gaming performance. These supplements typically contain a range of ingredients – such as caffeine, vitamins and amino acids – that are believed to have positive effects on brain function and physical performance.

As someone who was already in the food and ingredients industry for over 25 years before creating Fluxx, I believe that anyone who is interested in the idea of creating a food or supplements brand – or who likes the idea of getting involved in the ever expanding world of gaming – would definitely have a great time getting stuck into this sector as whole.

Last question: How do you fuel your creativity? What helps you have ideas?
My environment, people and things around me can be a great source of inspiration and motivation. Being surrounded by people who share different interests or passions can spark new ideas. The team I work with also helps me greatly when it comes to creativity and ideas. They often throw out suggestions and recommendations that eventually come into fruition and impact my projects and own decisions in real time.

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