Cubles to expand its Little House on the Praire paper toys range

Cūbles is planning to expand its line of Little House on the Prairie paper toys this year.

The Minnesota-based firm launched its first line of Little House on the Prairie Cūbles last year, with the debut set allowing children to assemble paper toys of each member of the Ingalls family.

“We will expand our line in 2021 with the release of ColorMe Little House on the Prairie Cūbles which are the same as the current Little House Cūbles, but designed for kids to colour them first so the finished toy is like a colouring book come to life!” says Cūbles inventor and CEO Joel Morris.

Cūbles also announced plans to switch its packaging from compostable plastic sleeves to paperboard sleeves, so the entire product is 100% recyclable paper.

Carole Postal, President of Spotlight Licensing and Brand Management, added: “It’s wonderful to see Little House on the Prairie still inspiring licensees and captivating fans with stories of pioneer life set a century and a half ago, and to know its themes of family, community, courage, optimism, and perseverance still resonate today.”

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