Asmodee Entertainment’s Vanessa Jack on the passion, creativity and energy of the licensing community

Vanessa Jack, Assistant Licensing Manager at Asmodee Entertainment, talks us through her route into licensing – and her first impressions of the industry.

Asmodee’s Gregory Benassar and Beatrice De La Rochefoucauld on three ways to bring brands into board games

Gregory Benassar, Head of New Business at Asmodee, and Beatrice De La Rochefoucauld, Licensing & New Business Manager at Asmodee, discuss crafting games for brands like Squid Game, Sonic the Hedgehog and Arsenal FC.

Work, werewolves and writers: Etienne Bonnin discusses his role at Asmodee Entertainment

What’s cooking at Asmodee Entertainment? Etienne Bonnin – Senior Manager for Media Development and Licensing – lifts the lid…

BlueMatter Games’ Rebecca Bleau and Nicholas Cravotta on designing Asmodee’s Squid Game board game

The team at BlueMatter Games talk us through the fast-paced development process behind bringing the smash-hit Netflix show to the tabletop with Asmodee.

Dream Figures co-founder, Jaime Rodríguez, reveals what inspired Asmodee Entertainment’s Arkham Horror collectibles

Art and passion: why Asmodee’s Arkham Horror figures are a dream come true for Jaime Rodríguez

Asmodee Entertainment’s Christian Dunn discusses taking board game IP into interactive spaces

Board games and beyond, with Christian Dunn – Interactive Licensing Manager at Asmodee Entertainment.

Erin Zipperle discusses the design and launch of Rollacrit’s CATAN merchandise

Why golden fields and lush forests mean so much to Rollacrit’s CEO, Erin Zipperle

Just Funky’s Angie Hoyer and Ian McCurrach on creating ‘Secret Handshake’-style products for CATAN and Arkham Horror

Senior Licensing Manager Angie Hoyer and Licensing Coordinator Ian McCurrach talk us through Just Funky’s approach to bringing brands into beverageware, kitchenware, home décor and collectibles.

Fanattik’s Anthony Marks on his fan-first approach to creating collectibles for Arkham Horror

Fanattik’s Anthony Marks on why a new collaboration with Asmodee Entertainment made perfect sense for the firm.

Ata-Boy co-owner, Jude Albright, on partnering with Asmodee Entertainment to create CATAN merchandise

Jude Albright, Director of Licensing at Ata-Boy, discusses creating CATAN keychains, magnets and more.

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