Apex Legends heads to the tabletop with Glass Cannon Unplugged

Apex Legends: The Board Game – based on the popular free-to-play video game – lands on Kickstarter on May 17th

Glass Cannon Unplugged and Genuine Entertainment have signed a long-term licensing partnership with Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment to produce the official Apex Legends board game.

Based on the hit video game brand, Apex Legends: The Board will debut on Kickstarter on May 17th. The team vs team miniatures game sees each player take on the role of a Legend, with four Legends included in the core game.

Gameplay begins in a 3D environment taken straight from the video game, and the experience has been described as ‘accessible and easy-to-learn for new board gamers, balanced with a depth and scale to satisfy core players – with even tournament and organized play in mind’.

For more information, head to https://glasscannonunplugged.com/apex-legends-the-board-game/.

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