adidas details TERREX collaboration with National Geographic

Stills from the National Geographic photography archives appear on prints across the 51-piece hiking collection.

Adidas TERREX has embarked on a multi-season collaboration with National Geographic.

The inaugural 51-piece hiking collection is built to celebrate the role of photography in the culture of outdoor sport, with stills from the National Geographic photography archives appearing on prints across the range.

“This collaboration celebrates nature through beautiful photographs – abstract colourful ecosystems told from above – revealing incredible stories about the Earth,” said Nadia Svensson, Senior Product Director for BU Outdoor at adidas.

“It is born from, and built for, exploration of the natural world around us.”

One key item in the line includes the RAIN.RDY Jacket. The men’s jacket features a bold print of the shell formations in Norway’s Porsanger Peninsula, while the women’s is inspired by stills of White Sands National Park in New Mexico. It also features a lenticular logo design that alternates between TERREX and National Geographic.

Elsewhere, the WIND.RDY: GET SHELTERED Jacket comes with prints inspired by photography of sandstone and snow at Comb Ridge, Utah.

Yulia Boyle, VP of International Media and Licensing for National Geographic, added: “Our storytellers and photographers spend so much time in the field, often braving the elements, to bring to life the beauty of our world and share its wonder with audiences around the globe.

“We hope that people will feel inspired by these beautiful and practical collections and be encouraged to get outside in similar ways.”

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