A24 launches Hereditary gingerbread treehouse kit

The kit recreates an iconic scene from A24’s smash-hit 2018 horror movie.

A24 has launched a gingerbread treehouse kit based on an iconic scene from its hit horror film, Hereditary.

The kit including a cast iron mold plate, plastic treehouse base, recipe card, instruction booklet and a tealight to illuminate the treehouse at night.

The plate enables fans to build one complete treehouse, as well as a gingerbread Peter, Paimon and worshippers.

The base includes a forest-floor textured base plate, four ‘birch’ legs, a platform, and a ladder.

The launch continues A24’ playful approach to movie merchandise, with other eye-catching releases including a Green Knight RPG, a Bear in a Cage toy for Midsommar and Hot Dog Finger gloves for Everything Everywhere All at Once.

For more information on the gingerbread kit, head to: https://shop.a24films.com/products/hereditary-gingerbread-house

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