2022 predictions in 22 words

We asked industry figures to sum up their predictions, hopes and fears around what the next 12 months has up its sleeve in just 22 words…

2022 is upon us, and as the world is as unpredictable as ever, we’ve asked the industry for their predictions as to what the next 12 months has up its sleeve.

Just to add an extra wrinkle, we’ve asked people to sum up their thoughts in just 22 words.

Here’s what some believe 2022 will bring…

Robyn Cowling, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Asgard Media
“The key to our successful future is in nurturing existing – and forging new – relationships to create meaningful product ranges in unsure times.”

Vicky Miller, Licensing Director, Bulldog Licensing
“Continued strength of trusted evergreens, but also a great year for new IP – BLE showed the market is hungry for new brands!”

Max Arguile, Owner, Reemsborko
“Upon gazing into my crystal ball, I foresee the continued rise of animation that is made for adults, rather than children. #cartoonsarenotjustforkids.”

Samira Henley, VP of Brand Licensing, Jewel Branding
“NFTs, DTR and experiential licensing – and creative ways to create that – will grow as people fight isolation fatigue brought on by pandemic.”

John Vasta, Owner, Mint Brands
“Continued optimism. Faced with unrelenting challenges on multiple fronts, our industries forge on together. I predict more of the same in 2022…”

Caroline High, Brand Licensing Consultant, Caroline High Consultancy Ltd.
“Pre-schoolers are going to need new brands to engage with and new content. I predict new shows on FTA platforms will succeed!”

Ashley Holman, MD, ToyTopic
“There’s a lot of unknown, but product innovation and value for money with a great brand behind will cut through and succeed.”

Carl Richardson, Managing Director, Sweet Connexion
“Kids play and create, toys will innovate. Technology won’t slow and games will grow. Licensing embraces trends, same again when 22 ends.”

James Austin-Smith, Innovation Director, Moose Toys
“A year where we will connect again in person. Hope for health, for travel, for collaboration. More magic as Mixies takes off…”

Darren Lee Phillipson, Toy & Content Development Architect, Design_Lead_Play
“Trends: Educational toys linked to online learning platforms. Toys with an NFT component. Movie toy lines down. Video game toy lines up!”

Dean Tempest, Founder, Big Potato Games
“The next trend continues to be something none of us ever seem to be able to predict… But that makes it fun!”

Ian Downes, Founder, Start Licensing
“Personalisation and bespoke products. Licensing is well placed to offer consumers unique experiences and limited-edition products. A growth area for licensing.”

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