Reemsborko eyes board game partners for the films of Dario Argento

As the licensing agent for the horror icon, Reemsborko represents films like Suspiria, Deep Red and The Bird With The Crystal Plumage.

Reemsborko to represent Octas’ portfolio, including Gloomy Bear, All Purpose Bunny and Mimi & Neko

“We are delighted to have Reemsborko as the agent for all our cherished properties and look forward to the hussle they will bring,” said Octas founder Vince Shortino.

Reemsborko to helm licensing push for artist Matt Bailey

“Reemsborko constantly seeks the most interesting IP out there,” said Reemsborko’s Max Arguile.

Reemsborko to helm products push for the films of Dario Argento

Widely considered the master of Italian horror films, Dario Argento’s filmography includes cult classics like Suspiria, Deep Red, Tenebre and The Bird With The Crystal Plumage.

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