Numskull Designs welcomes TMNT into its CosCups and Tubbz and lines

On the CosCups front, each character stars as its own ceramic cup, joining the brand’s huge collection of other popular film, TV and video game characters.

Karl Mizen – Creative Director at Numskull Designs – reveals the characters, thinking and design behind CosCups

Which IP fits the Coscups range from Numskull Designs? Creative Director Karl Mizen tells all…

Numskull Designs gives Minions the Tubbz treatment

Stuart comes with his guitar, while Bob is armed with his teddy bear, Tim.

Numskull Designs’ Karl Mizen on giving iconic characters the rubber duck treatment with Tubbz

Karl Mizen, Creative Director at Numskull Designs, tells us about the origins of Tubbz – and which character has been the toughest to ‘duckify’ so far.

Numskull Designs’ Karl Mizen on designing Christmas jumpers for Jaws, Jurassic Park and Back to the Future

Karl Mizen, Creative Director at Numskull Designs, discusses how to successfully bring brands to life as Christmas jumpers.

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