BLE tips & tricks with… WildBrain CPLG’s Michael Ogunseitan

With Brand Licensing Europe fast approaching, we picked the brains of regular attendees and exhibitors on how to make the most of the show. Up next is Michael Ogunseitan, Creative Services Director at WildBrain CPLG.

“Young talent is vital for the future of our industry”: Inside emoji’s United By Emotions student design competition

Students at Nottingham Trent University were invited to create a collection of emoji apparel, spanning eight to 10 pieces for womenswear, menswear or unisex.

Talking Brands: Pokémon, Seinfeld and Minecraft have cookbooks… Which other IP could thrive in this area?

WildBrain CPLG’s Michael Ogunseitan, GOSH Children’s Charity’s Etta Saunders Bingham, Kimm & Miller’s Rob Kimm and The Zeros’ Scott Ham share the brands they feel are a recipe for success in the cookbook sector.

WildBrain CPLG’s Michael Ogunseitan on creativity, innovation and asking “What if?”

Michael Ogunseitan – Creative Services Director at WildBrain CPLG – on disruption, creative constraints and the teacher that set him on the path to design.

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