Born to License welcomes Jenna Chalkley as Head of Product Development

“I’m eager to ignite licensee inspiration with my passion for brands and licensed products, guiding them on their journey,” said Chalkley.

Talking Brands: The Godfather has extended into sauce… Which brand should be next?

Studio Griggs’ Stephanie Griggs, Skew’s Oliver Dyer, Born Licensing’s David Born and Louis Kennedy’s Tracey Richardson share their saucy suggestions.

Steven Singer Jewelers teams with Cloudco and Born Licensing to launch Care Bears gold-dipped roses

“Entering the world of licensing is a thrilling new step for us, particularly with a partner like Care Bears,” said Steven Singer, Owner of Steven Singer Jewelers.

Born Licensing launches Born to License, a division to help new companies enter licensing

“I’ve always considered myself a champion of how powerful licensing can be for those that are yet to experience it, and Born to License will allow me to build on that,” said David Born, Founder and CEO of Born Licensing.

Stuff We Loved: What are the industry’s favourite licensed launches of 2023?

We asked figures in the licensing industry for their favourite launches of the year. The only caveat… They couldn’t choose a product or experience they were involved in!

Born Licensing brings Street Fighter and The AA together for new campaign

“Incorporating a popular franchise like Street Fighter into a campaign allows brands to tap into a high level of pre-awareness as there is an existing fanbase who already love the IP,” said David Born, Founder and CEO of Born Licensing.

As Asda brings Elf to their TV ads, Born Licensing’s David Born discusses the complexity of making it happen

David Born on bringing Buddy the Elf to Asda ads… And seasonal joy to TV viewers everywhere!

From He-Man and Bumblebee to Action Man and RoboCop… David Born lifts the lid on the power of characters

Born Licensing’s David Born on why He-Man has the power to sell… And why licensing characters needn’t be tough.

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