Our top 10 most read interviews of 2023

The top 10 includes chats with Hasbro’s Marianne James, Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products’ Jay Young and Disney’s Ethan Lawrence.

With 2023 coming to a close, we’re taking a look back at our most read interviews of the year.

Below you can find our top 10. Have a brilliant Christmas, a great New Year and we’ll see you in 2024!

  1. “Cutting-edge creative is our superpower”: Hasbro’s Marianne James on championing great design (https://brandsuntapped.com/cutting-edge-creative-is-our-superpower-hasbros-marianne-james-on-championing-great-design/)
  2. “Tetris is not just a game, it’s a lifestyle”: Tetris CEO Maya Rogers on why the brand continues to expand and endure (https://brandsuntapped.com/tetris-is-not-just-a-game-its-a-lifestyle-tetris-ceo-maya-rogers-on-why-the-brand-continues-to-expand-and-endure/)
  3. Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products’ Jay Young on empathy, fandom and untapped brands (https://brandsuntapped.com/warner-bros-discovery-global-consumer-products-jay-young-on-empathy-fandom-and-untapped-brands/)
  4. Ringers Western CEO Andrew MacDonald on bringing Bundaberg Rum into country clothing (https://brandsuntapped.com/ringers-western-ceo-andrew-macdonald-on-bringing-bundaberg-rum-into-country-clothing/)
  5. “We’re like the Gucci of pop culture!”: Loungefly’s Rich Smith on design, fandom and pushing the boundaries (https://brandsuntapped.com/were-like-the-gucci-of-pop-culture-loungeflys-rich-smith-on-design-fandom-and-pushing-the-boundaries/)
  6. Ethan Lawrence – Senior Creative Design Manager at Disney – on crafting characterful collabs (https://brandsuntapped.com/ethan-lawrence-senior-creative-design-manager-at-disney-on-crafting-characterful-collabs/)
  7. Josh Romm – Head of Global Licensing and Partnerships at The Met – on community, culture and creativity (https://brandsuntapped.com/josh-romm-head-of-global-licensing-and-partnerships-at-the-met-on-community-culture-and-creativity/)
  8. Mattel’s Head of UK Consumer Products & Hardlines EMEA, Jon Spalding, on putting purpose at their core (https://brandsuntapped.com/mattels-head-of-uk-consumer-products-hardlines-emea-jon-spalding-on-putting-purpose-at-their-core/)
  9. “It’s a dream job!”: Artist Matthew Robert Davies discusses his work on Disney Lorcana (https://brandsuntapped.com/its-a-dream-job-artist-matthew-robert-davies-discusses-his-work-on-disney-lorcana/)
  10. Deirdre Cross – General Manager, Head of Funko Games – on why Star Wars is a dream licence (https://brandsuntapped.com/deirdre-cross-general-manager-head-of-funko-games-on-why-star-wars-is-a-dream-licence/)
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