From Birmingham to Brazil… Endemol Shine Brasil’s Fernanda Abreu on why Peaky Blinders resonates in the region

Fernanda Abreu – Head of Licensing at Endemol Shine Brasil – discusses launching the first clothing line for Peaky Blinders in Brazil.

Fernanda, thanks for making time. First things first, how did you find yourself working in licensing?
From a very young age I experienced licensing as my Dad owned some retail stores and I used to help out with some of the branding for Snoopy and Garfield. I really enjoyed it at the time, and then as an adult, I realised I had a passion for the characters and the business side of licensing. I thought an agency would be a great way to kickstart my career. I was right, as 20 years on I am still working in licensing!

Yes, now as Head of Licensing for Endemol Shine Brasil. Talk us through the Brazilian market… Are there are key differences to Europe or the US when it comes to the sorts of brands that thrive in Brazil?
Ultimately, a premium product can be popular anywhere, especially if they have an established fanbase to begin with. This is particularly true of kids’ brands built around cartoons and movies where we can utilise a global media campaign to effectively exploit the brand.

Similarly, scripted IP offers significant commercial potential. Peaky Blinders, for example, has built up a cult following across its six seasons and has great ratings worldwide since it has become available on Netflix too. This has led to a range of successful commercial activities and with various territories running licensing strategies in parallel. This brand also offers a perfect opportunity to collaborate with Banijay’s central and local teams on international deals as well.

Fernanda Abreu, Endemol Shine, Peaky Blinders

You mentioned Peaky Blinders there. How big is the show in Brazil?
Peaky Blinders is very popular in Brazil and is one of the most watched series on Netflix; it always ranks strongly.

Why do you think it resonates?
It’s a visual feast with incredible cinematography and a rich storyline which generates an emotional response. The themes of family and loyalty further reiterate this connection between the content and our world. Hence, the desire from the audience to be part of the show. This has also enabled us to enjoy licensing success with a diverse range of partners, from Escape 60’s Peaky Blinders-themed escape room to the exclusive clothing range with Oficina Reserva.

Fernanda Abreu, Endemol Shine, Peaky Blinders

Yes, Oficina Reserva’s apparel launched earlier this year. What made them a great partner for the brand?
From berets to shirts and coats, this is the first official Peaky Blinders clothing line in Brazil. We are very excited to see the format diversifying into new areas of licensing and to work with Oficina Reserva, who is one of the leading companies in this space.

Oficina Reserva is known for its innovative processes, attention to detail, and premium quality products. This deal reiterates our commitment to only working with the best partners and that share our creative spirit which is part of our DNA. And not only did Oficina Reserva create incredible quality products using raw materials, but through their commitment to understanding the world of Peaky Blinders, they captured the real essence of the series.

Fernanda Abreu, Endemol Shine, Peaky Blinders

Looking to the future, which other Endemol Shine Brasil releases should we keep an eye out for?
We never stand still! We are already planning new games, books, experiences, stationary, and maybe a new collection with Oficina. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting announcements soon.

Will do. Thanks Fernanda – let’s catch up again soon!

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