Artists reinterpret classic Warner Bros brands for collection spanning homewares, fashion and accessories

Participating artists in the ‘Artist Series Collection’ includes Halim A. Flowers, Yuko Shimizu and Ngadi Smart.

As part of Warner Bros’ 100th anniversary celebrations, 10 artists have reimagined some of the studio’s classic brands and characters for a new collection of products.

The ‘Artist Series Collection’ spans homewares, fashion and accessories, with brands including DC, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, The Wizard of Oz among those to get new looks.

Participating artists include:

Cocolvú – an artist from Mexico City known for his passion for painting, as well as intervention, manipulation, and redesign of diverse surfaces, mediums and objects.

Halim A. Flowers – a visual artist, spoken word performer, businessman, and author of eleven published non-fiction works.

Jappy Agoncillo – a Filipino Illustrator and Muralist from Manila, Philippines whose work is defined by compositions and bold, vibrant colours.

Loveis Wise – an artist and illustrator inspired by playfulness whose work is centred around liberation and queer/gender-expansive community.

Ngadi Smart – a Sierra Leonean visual artist and designer whose practice consists of illustration, photography and design.

Niege Borges – a Brazilian visual artist whose work is colourful, vibrant and playful.

Pete Moulthrop aka “Bearded Tales Of Woe” – an illustrator and sculptor known for his combination of humour and the macabre.

Raul Urias – an artist who weaves together the colours, shapes and faces of Mexico into compelling images for advertising, clothing and fine art.

Shyama Golden – an artist whose work features patterns, people and nature in both oil and digital mediums.

Yuko Shimizu – a Japanese illustrator whose hand-drawn art combines her Japanese heritage with contemporary reference points.

Check out the collection here.

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