Pokémon brings baby-focused monpoké theme to new markets

“With the expansion of the popular monpoké expression into more markets, parents around the world will have another playful and adorable way to introduce the Pokémon world to their little ones,” said Heather Dalgleish, senior director of publishing at The Pokémon Company International.

Pokémon and Van Gogh Museum team up for gallery, activations and merchandise

“The Van Gogh Museum and The Pokémon Company have drawn on many years of educational expertise to create a special experience for children, their supervisors, and we hope many others at the Van Gogh Museum,” said Emilie Gordenker, General Director of the Van Gogh Museum.

PUMA debuts Pokémon footwear and apparel collection

The sneakers focus on fan-favourite characters like Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle and Gengar.

Poetic Brands teams with ASOS for Pokémon apparel collection

“The twenty-somethings who grew up with the brand, are now the fashion forward ASOS customer, so the collaboration has the perfect synergy,” said Anne Bradford, Commercial Director of Poetic Brands.

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