How did A Charlie Brown Christmas become a board game? Scott Shillet on what’s new at Peanuts

Scott Shillet, VP, Global Hardlines and Promotions, Peanuts Worldwide LLC, on working with Funko Games

Funko Games’ Matt Christianson on bringing terror to the tabletop with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Slaughterhouse

Matt Christianson – Games Category Lead for Prospero Hall/Funko Games – discusses designing a game to make pulses pound.

Funko Games to debut festive slate at New York Toy Fair

The Peanuts Charlie Brown Trim the Tree game sees players work together to hang ornaments on the bending tree, all without losing the big red bauble.

Funko Games brings The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to the tabletop

The ferocious Sawyer family is played by one player, with all other players stepping into the shoes of unfortunate travellers doing everything they can to survive.

What makes Star Trek a perfect license for Funko Games? General Manager Deirdre Cross tells all…

Live Long and Prospero Hall: Deirdre Cross explores Star Trek: Cryptic – an escape-room-style game

Scream gets the party game treatment from Funko Games

Elsewhere, Funko is expanding its Cryptic line of puzzle games with a Star Trek edition.

Deirdre Cross – General Manager, Head of Funko Games – on why Star Wars is a dream licence

Funko Games’s Deirdre Cross discusses the stylised figures and immersive play of Star Wars: Rivals.

Funko Games details slate of Indiana Jones games

“Collaborating with Lucasfilm on Indiana Jones has been a dream, with the whole Funko Games team flexing their creative muscles as we designed a truly original slate of games,” said Deirdre Cross, Head of Funko Games.

Funko Games brings collectibles into card games with Star Wars Rivals

“The latest collaboration with Lucasfilm for the Star Wars Rivals Game has continued to elevate Funko Games’ collectible offerings through its all-new art style, including awesome hologram variants,” said Deirdre Cross, Head of Funko Games.

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